Mark Lanegan – Phantom Radio – Round 79 – Graham’s Choice

Marginally tardy write up from Round 79 downloadfinally here. Not having time to think what to take that week, I opted for my familiar tactic of “if in doubt, Lanegan it”.

This would have been a shout for my album of 2014, hadn’t the Hookworms pipped Mr L to the post. Following my recent immersion in to the world of music streaming apps, I have been positively “gorging” myself on Screaming Trees and the Lanegan back catalogue. I’m trying to ween myself off but finding cold turkey tough at present.

I think I may have mentioned that I regard Lanegan as the “Ronseal” of rock. You buy a new CD and know (more or less) exactly what’s in the tin. This is fine if you like what you are bound to be getting, but sense other members may be boring of Mr L by know.

Similar to 2012’s Blues Funeral (see Round 42, but takes the laid back electro/dance feel on a little bit further. Real fans should check out the “Thousand Miles of Midnight” remix album. Maybe what really appeals to me about his latest work was the hints of Joy Division, Cure and possibly early New Order it left on the palate? Moreover, its just Mr L doing what he does, and very well in my opinion.

Tom listened: Well…actually I really liked this, I think (it feels about three years ago that we actually listened to it and all I can remember are some gravelly vocals, some well crafted songs and, perhaps a bit more variety and a few more ideas than Blues Funeral – although I could well be being unfair to Blues Funeral as I recall very little of that album too). I do know that when Graham chose three songs from this album to enter into the kids and parents impromptu singles world cup recently they shone like diamonds (rough ones admittedly) in a sea of Sheeranesque shite.


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