How Devon Record Club works

    We meet every couple of weeks in groups of 3 (now more usually 4), usually on a Tuesday evening, rotating from house to house. Each person brings along a record they want to play for the others. Anything goes, so long as the player is prepared to introduce the record and explain why they think it is interesting. Records can be old or new, popular or obscure, middle-of-the-road or extremely challenging, pop, jazz, electronica, rock, hip-hop, noise…

    The only restrictions are that each record must be no longer than an hour, and that the player must own an original copy of the work. Players who bring records which are shorter than 45 minutes can also bring a bonus track to play. If you’re hosting, you can choose to set a theme to influence people’s choices. Choices should be kept secret from each other before the meeting. Exciting.

    After each meeting, we gather the introductions for each record and the thoughts of the listeners and put them on this site.


7 thoughts on “How Devon Record Club works”

  1. Hello their Neilgal, and thanks for the recent and slightly baffling blizzard of pingbacks.

    You’ve forbidden me from saying ‘Devon’ so instead I’ll say ‘somewhere between Sidmouth, Exeter and Newton Abbot’ and leave you to triangulate your own conclusions.

    We accept applications for guest spots, so if you fancy venturing out of the Tamar Valley, you know roughly where we might be hanging out.

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