Bill Callahan – Apocalypse: Round 71 – Tom’s Selection

Although, rather like Rob and unlike Nick and (to a lesser extent) Graham, I haven’t ended up going out and buying all that many records that have been played at record club, there have been many ‘double ups’ that I could have brought to the ‘Recycled Record’ theme evening. On reflection, I think one of the main reasons … Continue reading “Bill Callahan – Apocalypse: Round 71 – Tom’s Selection”


Bill Callahan – Apocalypse! – Round 5: Nick’s choice

I bought this especially for DRC while I was in London the day before the meeting at which it was to be played. Finding a record shop in Covent Garden proved more problematic than it used to, as they’ve seemingly all been replaced with Fred Perry vendors. I was wearing a Fred Perry at the … Continue reading “Bill Callahan – Apocalypse! – Round 5: Nick’s choice”

Destroyer – Have We Met: Round 110 (probably), Nick’s choice

Time seems to move both very quickly and very slowly under lockdown. In fact it’s done that for the last few years – maybe that’s just parenthood. Certainly the last two years feel like they’ve contained too much, both in my personal life and in the world at large. This was the record I chose … Continue reading “Destroyer – Have We Met: Round 110 (probably), Nick’s choice”


A Arab Strap – The Last Romance The Afghan Whigs – Uptown Avondale The Associates – Sulk Aphex Twin – Richard D James Album Acoustic Ladyland – Skinny Grin The Antlers – Burst Apart Art Brut – Bang Bang Rock & Roll Adam & The Ants – King Of The Wild Frontier Mulatu Astatke – … Continue reading “Archive”

Smog – Knock Knock: Round 57 – Tom’s Selection

Over the course of the last decade, Bill Callahan has slowly but surely worked his way right up to the very top of my skewed American indie singer songwriter pile (a pile that is actually more populated than one might think). As each subsequent Bill Callahan or Smog release has slow-burned its way into my affection, … Continue reading “Smog – Knock Knock: Round 57 – Tom’s Selection”

Darkside – Psychic: Round 55, Nick’s choice

Once again without a theme I was free to choose whatever the hell I liked. Two factors made me pick this super-current release, which had only come out two days before: the fact that Rob, when confronted with Pink Floyd’s The Dark Side Of The Moon for the first time ever the other week, claimed … Continue reading “Darkside – Psychic: Round 55, Nick’s choice”

The Antlers – ‘Burst Apart’: Round 19 – Rob’s choice

This was albums of the year week. When I stacked up my 2011 records, I found I only had 15 to choose from and when I weighed them against each other, divining for the collection that had given me the most succour, the most pleasure, the most warmth, it came down to a choice of … Continue reading “The Antlers – ‘Burst Apart’: Round 19 – Rob’s choice”

St. Vincent – Strange Mercy: Round 19 – Tom’s Selection

I found the concept of ‘Album of the Year’ night to be a difficult one to get my head around. What to take? My two favourite albums from the year – Bill Callahan’s Apocalypse and Smoke Ring For My Halo by Kurt Vile (an album whose brilliance has taken me by surprise as the year … Continue reading “St. Vincent – Strange Mercy: Round 19 – Tom’s Selection”

Kurt Vile – Smoke Ring For My Halo – Round 5: Tom’s Choice

In typical teacher fashion I set my charges a homework and then neglect to do it myself! A vinyl copy of my new purchase coupled with a week in a caravan in North Wales has not been conducive to completing the required six listens since the meeting (I have probably managed about four) but I … Continue reading “Kurt Vile – Smoke Ring For My Halo – Round 5: Tom’s Choice”